step by step…..

I really need to find the source for this art: but it’s too awesome not to share! Can’t wait for the students to get started on the Digital Dogs blog.

So many good things are taking root: ideas planted long ago, some grew, some not, but many are feeding and sustaining the learning. It’s important to take a moment and notice the positive things happening.

(Because if I don’t I may go nuts.)

  • A few years ago a teammate started a process called The Daily Five: it was too much for me to take on at the time, but she’s gotten her new team on board, and students are using it. Everyone needs a physical reminder of what is happening. Our digital lives are making information and knowledge slide away, and the physical act of writing a note or checklist reinforces and strengthens what we learn.
  • Students are practicing what’s important, and beginning to see the value of collaboration.
  • Connections with colleagues: because of the district’s revised schedule, we teachers have real time to talk and listen.
  • Our data showed where holes are, and others are recognizing the value of shared, collaborative lessons, especially expertise with writing.
  • Students in other teachers’ classrooms are taking me up on my offer to give them a forum for posting and talking about books.

Consider this my Daily Five: what happened, what can be better, and what is working. Onward.