Theatre of the Absurd

Testing season!! WOOOOT! And the advice is coming ON, yo! All you need to do is look up some of your favorite bloggers and websites to find loads of saucy ideas to keep your mind from going insane while you ‘actively monitor’ the testing hours.


One of my favorites, is of course from Love, Teach:

16 Things You Can Do While Actively Monitoring

Since devices and distractions are not allowed, she cleverly holds sessions with the one thing administration and districts can’t take away from us (yet): our minds.

I added a new category today: Not Going Insane. Rule #2*: Keep Sharp. As I wash the room with waves of butcher paper, I will think to myself the cost/benefit analysis of having so many children test while my degrees and talents just spend time…thinking. The thing about Love’s ideas is they’re too good to waste on testing days. I think it would be much cooler to share them ahead of time and see if kids can guess. Or, play a raffle or game where the kids put in their ideas and are drawn for prizes after testing.

Love, Teach wrote this one, too. Here’s an idea: think of something to add to these lists!

  1. Imagine if different body parts were switched around.
  2. Imagine if you had one part of an animal: what would it be?
  3. What are three universal questions everyone must ask?
  4. What are those answers?
  5. What organ would you redesign?
  6. Before testing, learn about two philosophers and have a mental debate with them.
  7. Recast your favorite movies.
  8. Cast your favorite stories or books that haven’t been made into films yet.
  9. Write the best love song ever written in your head.
  10. Air type your novel. Discreetly.
  11. Add up how much invisible costs are associated with testing. Never mind. Don’t do that. Go back to the love song idea.

The goal:



Not this:



*(Rule #1 is Don’t Get Mrs. Love fired.)

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