Fly away or stay grounded…

My best friend’s father passed away. She and I have known each other since we were 13. I found out yesterday: the short, expressive email was truly heartbreaking. I didn’t, or couldn’t really process it until the drive in this morning. Every instinct told me to fly to her side and hug her, and just be there, and listen.

Still crying this morning, I think of how many people have to leave sadness or hurt on the threshold every day. Two funny, sweet students stopped by my room to give me some Easter chocolate. One saw I was upset, and then did this to cheer me up:*

skull candy

This is a replica of a monkey skull. Easter egg chocolates for eyes. These kids are masters at getting adults out of funks–it’s their full-time jobs in many of their homes. And that humor and sweetness can be their greatest survival skills. I learn so much from them.

*This is not about me–it’s about my friend, her mother, and her family. This was just my students’ effort to ease my sadness.