How cool is this?

Several months ago, we watched the short film, Descendants, on Vimeo. My classes watched this last year as well. This little film possesses a rich display of symbolism, inference, and deep meaning. This year, again inspired, I wrote some comments for the filmmakers. On Saturday, I received this response:

Sent: Saturday, February 5, 2011 9:28:02 AM
Subject: Heiko van der Scherm sent you a message on Vimeo!

Hi K. Love!

Heiko van der Scherm just sent you a message on Vimeo:

“Hello Mr./Mrs. K.Love,
thanks a lot for your comment on my film “Descendants”. I rarely find a person who dicovers everything that is hidden in this short. It took about 9 Months of work and over 40 Drafts to finish this 6 page script to put all of those subtle hints into it. So i appechiate very much if there is a person who digs deeper and deeper and even shares it with students. If my small film could contribute something then i am very honored.

feel free to contact me anytime. my email is: (deleted)
all the best

Thank you, Heiko. The honor is mine! (Squee!)

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