Do we bless each other enough?

And I’m not speaking from any religious or non-secular view: I mean, do we recognize the need for a kind word, a soothing tone, a hint of hope?

Perhaps I have been dehydrated of warm words of late to take such notice during a customer service phone call the other morning; motivation had withered like crackling crust over my heart. The gentleman on the other end was truly kind and knowing; not only did he answer my quick question (and those who know me know…I rarely have quick anything) but did not dismiss or wave me away once I had the simple answer.

January is almost over. I feel capable of attacking the one final challenge of my Natioanal Boards: I have the rest of late winter to complete this. I will be methodical, purposeful, strategic, and organized. I will remind myself that five points is just that: five points. And having been teaching for only four years says, yup, that’s pretty good to have “only” missed it by five. But as my beneficial benevolent benediction bequeath-er told me, “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades…” in a slight southern drawl, hubris will get me nowhere either. I am lucky that I can still count on my family’s support, I have encouragement and insight from colleagues, and am in a place and time I can complete this journey.


One thought on “Benediction.

  1. I’m so glad I read this today.

    I’ve been studying an artist who does Mother’s Day ritual style participation art works.

    Women ages 60+ meet dressed all in white and sit in a public space, 4 to a table. The topic they discuss: their lives and concerns as elderly women in society.

    What a cool way for an artist to address our human need for blessing. Bookmarking this post for research 🙂


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