Mrs. Love's terrible, no good, very bad day.

Ah, human failings.

Why are the Japanese trying to invent/perfect a robot teacher? Perhaps to avoid teacher days like the one I had last Friday.

Changes in schedule, random bells, anxious students, pep assembly, discipline, and longer class times with no “bio” break for anyone, and falling apart, crackling, splitting headache…

I don’t really give a toot about the Oprahs, Bills, or Arnies. They have “people” who have “people” who take care of those things for them, and when their schedules don’t run as they desire, heads roll, I’m sure.

But when it’s my big mouth, my tension, and my attitude, who controls those but me?

And sometimes I just don’t have that control.

So, to all my students who not only pushed my buttons, but broke the safety glass and set off the alarms to do so on Friday, I still wish I had risen above, gone beyond, and taken the high road.

But I didn’t.

And I’m sorry.