SweetNow, some of you may think this is borderline “creepy old lady who saves used string and saccharine packets,” but I assure you, I probably will not keep this–but do not be fooled. It is not trash. It was one of the sweetest presents I ever received from a student.

This young man was born in Russia. He’s braved the chilly, cutting winds of Siberia, stared down wintry, steel-clawed tigers, and battled, and was victorious, middle school.

To keep in somewhat posterity, I took a photo of this gift. The gift itself was a blue raspberry-flavored Jolly Ranger, inside a plastic sandwich bag as the wrapper. He wrote: To Mrs. Love, My Favorite Teacher. The gift was doubly-blessed, because not only did I really need a blue raspberry Jolly Ranger at that precise moment, but it made my tongue blue,  just before a meeting with the principal. And as everyone knows, blue tongues provide mana and power. The rest of my day was sweet.

Thank you, my brave young student. I will miss you with all of my heart. You have made me more brave, powerful, and true. You’re one of my favorite people, too.