Summer romance.

barbecueMy sister wrote that “summer” and “sun” have a fickle romance, and have recently broken up. If those two had a Facebook page, their statuses would be changed to “It’s complicated.”

I love her personified images of sun and summer; here in the Northwest, those two just can’t seem to get along. It’s almost the official start of summer, the summer solstice, (aka longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere) on June 21, but ol’ Mr. Downpour has washed a lot of this away.

Living in the Northwest has its drawbacks for some people. And on a gloomy, rainy day, right before summer break, I realize it’s difficult to get excited about summer plans. BUT…if you can talk your parent(s) into planning something fun, sometimes that scrubs the mold out, so to speak:

And, my all-time favorite:

And, remember all those ways to be more creative we talked about this year? How about starting your own composition book journal – make it a memoir of this summer between your 8th grade and 9th grade years. I guarantee you, when you read it in a few years, you will be astounded.

List 100 things you can do this summer. On the list, includes things that:

1. Are free

2. Don’t consume anything but air/water

3. Require a real conversation

4. Use technology that’s over 20 years old

5. Doesn’t kill a bug, tree, or cephalopod.

Now, Summer, Sun: kiss and make up!