My Blog Family: Crazy Uncle Louie to Cousin Eddie

You all know I write this blog for my students and myself, right? That I just need to write, and extend, modify, or add another dimension to the classroom box we’re in all day together – manipulating the boundaries of learning time and space is what I’m all about.

It didn’t really dawn on my until I received a most appreciated nod of “Hey, check this out” from what folks are now acronymically calling PLNs. PLNS are “Professional Learning Networks,” a virtual realm of collaboration, dialogue, exchanges, and interests. How cool is that!? And you thought social networking was only allowed if you’re under twenty-five.

What’s really intriguing to me is the power of words. Think about it: through these folks’ words and thoughts have I gotten to know them, and appreciate their perspectives. I have never personally met Mr. Cummings, the educator who put my in his post, but I do follow his Tweets, and really enjoy reading his thoughts, too.

Here are the rules of “Blogs to Watch” Award:

  • Copy and display the picture of the award given to you; (check–see above)
  • Link back to the blog that nominated you;
  • Nominate 10 different blogs yourself;
  • Inform the people you nominated, so they can in turn, continue the chain and spread the word about other great blogs out there. (Will do!)

Here are blogs I need to mention, and why:

Blogs I read regularly, in alpha order, not alpha pack order:

21st Century Principal: (nice to know what the suits think, too- and he’s funny!)

John T. Spencer: (makes me a better teacher/person all around)

Look at My Happy Rainbow: (nice toremember that my big kids were once sprouts, too)

On the Front Line with Wine: (sharp perspective)

Philip Cummings: (intelligent, open-minded thoughts, great taste in music!)

Science Teacher Doyle: (brilliant–one of a kind)

Teacher Tom: (if I could only give my students these types of experiences)

Technology Tidbits: (saves my cyber-soul in my 1:1 laptop school)

The Line: (why can’t I write like that?)

This Brazen Teacher: (fellow artist, and passionate teacher)

Two Writing Teachers: (the right write words)

 Check In Blogs:

Betty’s Blog:

Dog Ear:

Gladly Would I Teach: She just sounds like the nicest, dearest teacher.

Andrew B. Watt’s Blog:

 Student Blogs: One big success my students had was feeling safe enough to share their personal blogs with me. I’ll keep those to myself for a while.


Blogs I look at off-shore through heavy lenses: I really like this blog. I can’t read it anymore though, because sometimes it brings out the cranky side in me. She’s a smart, funny writer, who is not shy about being successful in her endeavors. You go, girl! But, I’ll watch from the sidelines for awhile. Joe Bower is brilliant. A very powerful thinker, progressive philosopher, reformer, and he scares me a bit. I think he would think he scares me because his ideas are so radical. Actually, I don’t think he’s necessarily right all the time, and I noticed a trend that he would never respond to any comment or question I asked; so, for all the important beliefs about being part of a larger dialogue, I felt left out. I’m not disgruntled, just thought I should spend my energies on actually making change, helping students, etc. I check in from time to time, because he is a good writer. No. Confuses being provocative with mean-spiritedness, but that’s just me.

Read and think for yourself, kids – what things do you go to often to read, and talk about?