Month of May Mothers: Money

VintagePocketbookWhat is it with moms and money? These are all generalizations, of course, but gee, can we stretch a buck like nobody’s business. When we’ve been flush with the green prosperity of payday, or flushed down the money pit, there always seems to be  just enough. Old quotes, such as “A father carries pictures where his money used to be.  ~Author Unknown” are sweet, but with most mothers pulling double-or triple-duty as parents, providers, and popsicle supplier, most moms don’t have time to notice there’s no money, or time to get another photograph taken.

If I dig deep, real deep, in my purse, I can always find some Mary Poppins-esque miracle. A piece of gum. A few quarters. Or a bandage. Digging deeper still, a checkbook that’ll cover a night’s pizza fest, or a credit card that’s been paid off. We can get to where we need to go. I’ve got it covered.

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