Ode to an iPod


Inspired by my colleague, John Spencer, and his students of renown:

From C.A.:

Dear iPod,

I like the parts when we can download different apps. For instance there are different sections like social networking, games, etc. I like how if we exit out of the music it still plays. Also when you buy the iPod it comes with the main things like: calendar, weather, mail, stocks, maps, clock, YouTube, calculator, notes, contacts, internet, iTunes, and videos.

 The parts that I dislike about you are when you freeze out of nowhere. When you can’t get apps without, putting a password into it so we are able to get the app.

I need you because I like listening to music. I need you because when I can’t internet from my laptop I can use you to get on the internet. When I get to play games because I get bored waiting for the metro. When a party gets boring and when I can get like spin the bottle or truth or dare.

I don’t know what I would do without you. Like I think it would be hard if I couldn’t reach the internet with my laptop I would need to use an iPod.

 What I do with you is play games. I go on the internet so I can contact my family members in the Philippines. Also I just listen to music when I’m feeling down.


Dear C.A.

I like you, too. I will try to perform as I should. Maybe you should consider becoming an app developer someday, and creating the world the way you want it to be.