Month of May Mothers: Marge

marge-simpsonMarge – the glue that holds America’s families together. I’m sure smarter scholars than I have already analyzed and evaluated the iconographic placement of the Simpsons, but I’m still going to spin my record on this:

Homer represents greed, gluttony, and misguided intent of Americans. Every time we go through drive through, super-size something, crunch a car fender, or spend too much time away from our families, we are tapping into our inner Homer. But like Homer’s hero, Odysseus, he loyally finds his way home.

Bart is our id, our lizard brain, with a touch of an archetypal “Jack” – mischievous, physically talented, and emotionally manipulative, he is a master of masking his inner insecurities, and frustration with being intellectually second-fiddle to his little sister, Lisa.

Lisa is our intelligence, our nerd, our awkward, empathic, tree-hugging but still wanting a pink pony sweet, smart girl. Allows herself to take the high road, and although succumbs to smugness once in awhile, rarely allows superiority to rule her heart.

Maggie is the silent observer–perpetually watching from the sidelines, showing her emotions and opinions through facial expressions, just like most of us can give our opinions in a sea of loud voices and boorish oafs. It’s just better to hang on, and relieve stress through sucking it all in.

Now Marge – Marge is our abilitiy to keep it all together. Our inner Marge is how we are able to have drag-out debates over politics, policies, and ideologies, and still be able to smile, bake some cookies, and work together at a PTSA meeting. She is creative, concerned, and appreciates all of her children for their foibles and gifts. Thanks, Marge.

4 thoughts on “Month of May Mothers: Marge

    1. I agree – if she didn’t have her own addiction or obsession with Ringo Starr, my own parenting missteps might seem a lot worse!
      (Edublogs is not letting me write the word g a m b l i n g – need to look into that!)


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