Month of May Mothers: Kick-A** Moms.

Terminator-2When faced with the potential of a post-apocalyptic landscape, or saving the world by possibly sacrificing your only son to be the world’s savior, what’s a mother to do? These archetypes don’t come cheap, you know. And if you’re part of a James Cameron franchise, you buff up, get some cool shades, and take care of business.

Moms that kick fanny do not have to fight off titanium-numb-skulls with vengeance agendas–they fight off stronger, more deadly foes: ignorant teachers, abusive husbands, low wages, sugary cereals on the bottom shelves in grocery stores, and high fructose corn syrup in EVERYTHING.

So, go on, save the world in an endless back-to-the-future-this-is-your-daddy-and-you-exist-in-simultaneous-universes, but I’ll keep the world safe by reading a few labels and bedtime stories.