Month of May Mothers: Mean.

mommiedear-thumbTwo days before Mother’s Day may not be the best time to talk about mean mothers. But not everyone is cracked up to be a mommy, just like not everyone is up to the job of daddy. The concept of “maternal instinct” has many examples throughout history – mothers finding amazing, adrenaline-fueled strength when saving one of their children, or that inexplicable pull a woman sometimes feels when she sees a baby or toddler to just hold it. But there are unfortunately plenty of examples when women with children do not seem to have this internalized mechanism that makes them go all “momma bear” whenever her cub is threatened. I don’t know why. When I look at teenage drama over what some consider a ‘mean mom’ though, the occasional, overly-dramatic mother/daughter fights usually exemplify this, I think sometimes they, the teenagers, really have no idea what a truly “mean mom” is all about. And, I don’t want them to know.

 Most moms love, love, love their children. Unconditionally. And even though they as adults may make some questionable life choices for themselves, they are trying their best, even though others may judge their best as not all that great. Parenting is a demanding, exhausting endeavor, with little appreciation, a lot of sleep deprivation, and spit-up.

So, even if you and your mom sometimes have the occasional disagreement, remember, she loves you. Give her a hug. Watch “Terms of Endearment” together. Life is too short to be mean.