Month of May Mothers: Big Mama.

Glowing Mother EarthToday’s post is all about Gaia. Mother Earth. Big Mama.

Hey, I’m random. Deal with it. Mother Earth should probably have been first. “Hey, mom, I know I should have called. Yeah. Sorry about that. Can I borrow a twenty? Will you wash my shirt for me?”

But though we walk all over her, make a big mess in her kitchen, and don’t pick up our toys, she always loves us. But she does have her moods. And who can blame her?

Right now, the oil that’s gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is slated to be one of the worst man-made disasters of all time:

It’s funny and cute when Bart Simpson, infamous scamp and momma’s boy, consistently and creatively leaves a wake of destruction wherever he goes, and his mother dutifully cleans up after him. It’s not cute when we humans keep having the same discussion time and again about our dependence on fossil fuels, and then shake our heads when we are sent to the store to buy Dawn dish-washing soap to clean up the wildlife after major oil spills.

Oil and water don’t mix. Everyone knows this.

And yet, we need to use our country’s natural resources to their full extent (don’t we?).

Yesterday, on KUOW, there was a gentleman from the University of Delaware (GO BLUE HENS!) who was speaking about a rational solution for wind farming. The problem, it seems, with wind farming is when there’s no wind, there’s no power. He proposed a sharing of power among the coast lines and wind farm lines. Makes sense.

Which is probably why it won’t happen.

Because we, Mother Earth’s children, have a lot of sibling rivalry. There are the rich, bully brothers, who are tired of lending you money at 30% interest plus your Jello pudding cup, and will give you two for flinching. There are the bum uncles, who mooch at every family gathering. And don’t forget the snotty big sisters, who know it all, and are shrill and bulimic. But she loves us all.

And as we continue to get it all sorted out, she’s provided us with all the guidance and a steady moral compass: Play nice, kids. And don’t make me pull over this car. (And she will!)

For more information about how science is tryng to save the world, again, thank you very much, go to this link:

Postscript: Before there was the “Father” most cultures had a mother to worship. Belief structures change, but one thing that doesn’t – this is our only little rock of air, soil, water, and fire. Take it easy, will ya?