playgroundHow do you know you’re growing up?

And what does it mean to be an adult, anyway? Do we lose all of our baby teeth and start to use deodorant, is that what it means?

How do the adults in your life inform you that they recognize you are growing up?

The Amish community has a tradition called rumspringa (running around). To understand the importance of this, you need to first understand the strict conditions by which the Amish community choose to live. Strict is my description; they may view it by what they determine as ‘normal.’

Read this article carefully, and listen to it, too. What are your thoughts?

What would you do? Do you feel that society “shuns” you anyway during your teenage years? What would you like to see different? Do you think you deserve the privileges that come along with the responsibilities of adulthood?

Are you surprised that 85-90% of teenagers return to the Amish lifestyle? Why does that or doesn’t surprise you? Compare this to your own life and choices.

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