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Okay, I admit; this feels a little like cheating.

Every new post Mr. Spenser writes, I read. He teaches basically the same content I do, and the same kinds of kids. When I read some success, or struggle, he’s had, it helps me reflect and think about what’s working, or not, in our classroom.

So, the cheating part comes when I read one of his posts, and I want you to read it, too, word for word:

See, I know you, my students, can have these great discussions, too. I know there’s more to you than superficial posturing. I know you have a  lot on your mind.

So–when we have an entry task, I will remind you again:

Let yourself think, and let others think. Like Mr. Spenser said, thinking doesn’t always look like working, but if you’re talking to others and not allowing them to think/work, then you’re not working. You know who you are.

When you are thinking, write it. The connections happen when we talk about our thoughts. We always do. There is hardly a moment when we don’t share out our thoughts about the entry task question, or we don’t take it someplace for our learning.

I hate to see good brain cells go to waste.

2 thoughts on “Short-cut.

  1. Thanks for the kind words. I have days (like second hour today) when I want to slam my head into a wall. A short assignment on the dangers of debt and I get three students working on projects about why “death” is dangerous. Yup, it can be a nightmare sometimes.


  2. Yeah, “death” interest can really add up! (I am cracking up!) Thanks for sharing the slice of humility – we can show off our matching goose-eggs on our foreheads.


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