Mighty Myth Month: Sacred places.

Where do you go when you want sanctuary?


What surrounds you?

What do you see?

How do you block out the world?

What do you smell?

How slowly does your heart beat?

Can you sense that you are better?

All cultures have their sacred meeting places: temples, synagogues, churches, and mosques, of every faith, of every civilization, and lasting over time. But what of our modern sacred places, our places of santuary, where we can go and just be? Or, those places where we routinely gather with like-minded souls with the same singular purpose? C onsider this the next time you go in your room to just listen to music, or go on a hike with friends, or sit under a tree to read a book, or go to a football game. We gather together, and we meditate alone, depending on what we need.

One thought on “Mighty Myth Month: Sacred places.

  1. Crawling under a blanket and reading a book; to me, nothing beats this. But I think I do need to learn how to power down a bit more. A walk around the block or two helps. And, it’s different if I walk with an i-pod or without. I need to find the off-switch a bit more. (*Click!*)


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