Mighty Myth Month: In the loop.


infinite potential

What goes around, comes around.

Circles, rings, and spheres encompass us all.  The dog will circle his bedding before he lies down. We spin around, we measure in degrees of 360, we affect change in concentric patterns. The ring will go on the finger to seal a promise of fidelity. The crop circles will be seen from vantage points before mankind had the technology to witness them. And, at one time, we were afraid of falling off the edge.

 As if.

Rings signal to the world, “Hey–look! I am connected to another soul!” Or, “Hey, look at me! I’ve got too much corn and need to trample it down in artistic mega-scale patterns!” But perhaps, “Hey, Martians! The landing strip is over here!” is the best reason for a circle. Crop circle, anyway.



Other things come in circles, too: fairy rings, Stonehenge, circles of life, and of course,  pi.

Or pie.

pi = 3.14159265



P.S. My ring says “infinite potential” on it, stamped in the silver. It reminds me that anything is possible.