La Llorona…The Crying Lady…

lalloronaWhat is the difference between a legend and mythology? The big difference is in mythology, some sort of deity (god/goddess) is usually causing mischief or interference, or is simply present. Mythology is awesome, it’s true.  But legends can be SCARY! Along with folktales, fables and fairy tales, legends are used to scare the pants off of us. Take for example the legend of La Llorona, or the crying lady. Legend has it that a woman had a cheating husband–when she found out, her rage and jealousy so consumed her, she sought the worst kind of revenge, and drowned her children in the river. Immediately she was filled with remorse, and wanted to save her children, but it was too late. She is seen haunting the riverside, clawing at her eyes till she cries blood…

What’ the moral of the story? What do you think? Even if you have a cheating spouse, hurting your children is never the answer, the worst thing you can do? It’s a sad story, that’s for sure, but if I ever saw her,  that would scare the heck out of me!

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