Best Quote of the Week: "That was kind of fun!"

Anyone who teaches knows it’s a hard job. There are many things throughout the day that may wear my sense of humor thin. Frayed. Rubbed the wrong way. But, as I’m sitting here thinking about the week, I’m choosing to focus on some of the highlights:

1. A student thought the lesson we did today was “kind of fun.” Big praise from an 8th grade kid. 2. I got a smile, a doughnut, and help from a really nice student today, completely unexpected, and offered with graciousness. 3. I have some really cool students–even some of the ones who seem kind of tough on the outside are probably some of the most loyal and fierce individuals for their friends and families. 4. While talking about what I would be like if I was a teacher in a parallel universe, I said, the other me would be thin, young, single, blonde…and someone piped in “mean.” Read: I am nice (in this universe). 5. I moved, I mingled, and they were okay with that. 6. They are funny, they are shy, they are sweet, they are sour –but they are my students for this year, and I think that’s worth smiling about.

Here’s to a fantastic year!