The saddest day.

On September 11, 2001, the United States experienced horrific terrorist attacks on its soil, against its citizens.

There are events in history that are so jolting, so frozen, that when you ask someone who may have been old enough to remember, “what were you doing when that happened?” you will see someone darken, a shadow will cross over their face, perhaps their smile will slack and eyes look away somewhere, like they’re seeing a ghost.

Since something like that had never happened before on U.S. soil, at least of that magnitude, no one knew what to do. I had a total stunned catatonic meltdown. I just stared at the TV, and felt the world had been flipped inside-out. It had.

I am sure that the families and friends of those who were murdered that day are not whole. They are forever sad. I don’t know what’s been solved, who paid for the crimes, or if justice was served.

Remember the good spirits of light, and that energy and matter is never lost or destroyed. And never forget.