Whistling a $675,000 Tune…

So, apparently…a college student illegally downloaded 30 songs, and is now being sued for copyright infringement to the tune of $675,000. And that ain’t just whistling Dixie. That is some serious jingling cash.

So, if you think the authorities: 1. Can’t find you, and 2. Won’t care if you illegally download songs, you’ve got another thing coming. And ignorance of the laws is not a viable defense.

Remember what I always say: Everything you do on the computer is like using an outhouse with glass walls. Not a pretty picture, is it? The computer is not a mirror; it’s a window. People can see you, too. It’s not worth it. Make the technology work for you, and you’re not working for it.

2 thoughts on “Whistling a $675,000 Tune…

  1. This is a good point to make to students. I am going to share the window (and outhouse) examples with my grandsons. When sitting alone at a computer, it’s difficult to imagine how many people know exactly what you are doing.


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