October Assignment for Reading Road Trip

Genre of the Month: Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, or Horror Short Stories
The Reading Road Trip assignment for October might be too scary –just remember, it’s only a book!

Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Choose a novel that fits one of the month’s genres–sometimes genres mix, meaning you can have a science fiction horror, or a mystery horror, etc. If you choose a book that has short stories of horror and mystery, you must read at least three (3) of the stories.

2. The book must be at your independent reading level. I will give you that information soon.

3. The novel must be between 150-300 pages long. That means, if you read one that’s 300 pages, divided by 20 days, you read 15 pages per day. Piece of cake, my friends.

4. You must do a book project. Choose from ONE of the following projects:

  • Read aloud a passage to your classmates. Write a paragraph on why you chose this passage to turn in.
  • Write a simulated letter from one character to another. Look up the correct “letter” format.
  • Write about the book from a journalist’s perspective: Pretend it really happened, and write a newspaper article reporting the book. Write as long of an article to get all of the main events and details of the book in your article.

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