Writers' Wednesday: Wish I had written that…

Because heaven knows I need more challenges, every Wednesday I plan on posting a passage, quote, etc., that causes me writer’s admiration/jealousy. Trying to think of an acronym, but I’m out of ideas right now. WEAK? Writer’s Envy/Admiration Kills? WIHWT – Wish I Had Written That, or IWNBAGW (Winnabego?) I Will Never Be  a Great Writer, or INGOKMHWLM? (If Neil Gaiman only knew me he would love me?) but my favorite: WWJID? (What would John Irving Do?)

Okay: Sorry.

My WIHWT for today, from Holly Black’s Ironside:

“…an ice-covered lake stretching out from a bank just beyond the lip of the road. Mist shrouded the center of the lake from view. Dead trees rose from the water, as though there had once been a forest where the lake now stood. A forest of drowned trees. The fading light turned the trunks to gold.”