Writing: TikToks as Storytelling

Years ago my friend and mentor Holly introduced me to RAFTS — Role, Audience, Form, Topic, and Strong Verbs. Using the RAFTS format for teaching writing and writer’s craft helps students break away from the ‘blank page’ and word count fears. And, my friend Jennie finds the most amazing TikToks, and shared this one this morning:


My camping nightmare!!! #youreanidiot #camping https://etsy.me/3dTVK0m

♬ original sound – Sabrina Zimmerman

Here is one possibility in deconstructing this RAFTS:

You’re the wife of Michael Myers, the notorious serial killer from the Halloween series. You have two small children, and now live in a suburb of Chicago. For a family vacation, you go on a camping trip to a somewhat crowded campground though you’re concerned Michael might be up to his old ways.

  • Role: Wife
  • Audience: your TikTok viewers
  • Form: short TikTok film
  • Topic: camping trip embarassment
  • Strong verbs: defy, ignoring, yelling


Google Slides of RAFTS (this is old, so feel free to update)

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