Filing some awesome…

Oh, boy, did February go by fast. I paid for my Boards renewal ($1250), visited my folks in Texas, had a birthday, and now it’s March, big March, and my projects include actually writing said Boards. So: not sure how much I’ll be blogging this month, but wanted to capture some thoughts here. Here is a quick collection of narratives, music, and literary analysis.


Both of these videos tell a great story. I do not speak Spanish, and yet I can understand the spirt of the narrative. As I am defining my skills as an ELL/ELA teacher, though I’ve been teaching ELA to a wide variety of students with degrees of English proficiency, I’ve always tried to center their voices and experiences.

This video was shown on John Oliver’s show, and one of my students said she didn’t speak “Chinese.” I told her to watch carefully and tell me what they’re singing about. She got it totally right.

Love this series (and wish I had written it!)

Literary Analysis