Tell your story.

Yesterday in one sitting I read Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai: it’s a short verse novel, so saying I finished it quickly is a silly boast. The story, light in words but heavy with my response and reaction. This is a beautiful story.

For the first time in my teaching life, my new district has a prescripted curriculum. There are four modules and four novels, and though one of them is not my choice (Unbroken by Laura Hildebrand) I know I’ll jump in and give every novel my best. There is so much to dig through here, and I’m thrilled it’s the first novel we begin with: culture, fear, family, longing, sorrow, joy, bigotry, and kindness of such a magnitude it brought me to tears (when you read it you’ll know what part.)

I will share Kimberly Yam’s story and any others that my friends and family want to offer. I will share my own story of being new, confused and trying to fit in as quickly as possible. But mostly I will ask students to share. What an amazing beginning.

And I have another book to read/movie to see: