Storytelling for the digital age

This is a tragic story. It’s the story of how we lose one another, how men hurt women, the women who bear them children and love them. It’s of a sister’s pain and a mother’s despair.

And it’s beautifully told.

As I am deconstructing the structure of this piece: it is a living article, with voice, movement, a story told with deepfelt heart and humility.

I am an amateur when it comes to understanding how structure affects our relationship with texts: but the only way to get better is to practice and reflect. I am wondering what digital tools are at my/our disposal to create something like this? Perhaps I’ll start small, very small, and tell a short anecdote.

My curious questions, though: are is this one possible now and future path of storytelling structures? An interactive text/image/voice path? Will it help students grow as readers and writers? What is its relationship with rigor? It does sit squarely in relevance, however. Is it nothing more than a digital pop-up book? Too gimmicky?

If anyone out there has any links to stories similar to this one please send them my way.