Celebrate: Ten Years Blogging

As a gift: Please leave a comment, and I’ll do a randomizer and send one reader a book of your classroom choice. 

I’ve been writing this blog for ten years now. It started as a Blogger, and then I switched to Edublogs. I use WordPress now for private authorship, (work in progress), but Edublogs has been my go-to for the professional and educational posts and class/student blogs.

The hardest post I wrote was about a student’s suicide. Dina from The Line sent me a direct message and asked me to write. Those were the most needed words at the most needed time. I don’t know where that post is now. Somewhere in the vaults. Dina: wherever you are, thank you. You made me think I could write.

The cheekiest post I wrote– well that would be a tough one. Writing saves my sanity and its use as a pensieve guards against loss and corrosion of best practices and brain cells.

My first PLN friend is John Spencer. Thank you. Philip Cummings is not too far behind, as is Michael Doyle. 

I’m going to keep writing. Maybe I’ll put this in a book someday. Or write something completely different and hope to become published. Publication does not legitimize my writing and ideas, however. These quill scratches and notes do.

Thank you, with heart and hot coffee, to the Notice and Note Facebook page. You have all been a much-needed immunity boost against many educational ills.

With love — Kelly

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