Saving Summer: Creativity and Connections

A big focus and philosophy for the CTE coursework.

What a beautiful summer for learning and growing. School in-service days begin August 28, and school officially begins August 31. Most of my curriculum planning is finished for the Computer Essentials classes.  (I designed it for myself and two other teachers, and am very excited and grateful for this opportunity!) I still have some tweaks and content to create for my one, beautiful, precious ELA 8th grade class, because you know, just can’t quit you, ELA/SS. Just. Can’t. 

Trying to focus, organize, clean up and clean out is tough right now. I can’t stop watching the news: my husband is better at compartmentalizing and I am so grateful for our daily walks. This is one habit I hope to continue throughout the school year, rain or shine. My life and sanity depend on it.

This morning, my husband and younger son begin their journey (yes, with eclipse-approved eye wear and snacks) toward the east, not west, in an attempt for the best viewing of this once-in-a-lifetime event. I am sure I am going to regret not going. But this time to myself is also precious. I had better make the most of it: this post is dedicated to the details, the little things, that I will intentionally give my students next year.

I am definitely going to enhance and continue the Reading Road Trip blog based on the 40-book reading challenge.

Mrs. Love’s Summer Reading

Here are some shared resources:

The “conflict” posters are directly inspired by a Book Riot post.

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My Reading RoadTrip sheet:

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And continue to look to my PLN for some exquisite ideas:

And thank heavens for Jackie Gernstein, John Spencer, and Philip Cummings:

An idea from Philip Cummings!