Mana from heaven.

I was ruminating about my entry 1 submission I packed up and sent off this week. I was so discombobulated, that when I went to the copy/UPS store, I even left my copy of it in the copier machine, like some 1930s orphan on church doorsteps, with a note pinned to the blanket: “Dear Sir or Madam: I tried my best, but not really. I was resentful, and confused by your vague feedback. I have given birth to another one in hopes it’s cuter, smarter, and can overcome any obstacle, but am not sure this baby’s future is all that bright…”

I drive back frantically to pick up it, stop by the grocery store for dinner stuff, and proceeded to cut my thumb while making said dinner, bled on a new bottle of mustard and threw the whole thing away. Husband sweetly asked me if he could help (“Sweetheart — I am holding a knife, I am bleeding, and you’re asking me if you can take the spiced Italian sausages out of the wrapping NOW?! Heave. Sigh. Teary eyes.) He is a brave man.

Oh, and this afternoon and evening was one of those where I literally, not figuratively, (make it my business to know the difference) had to be in four places at once.  I successfully made two of them.

Kind…of…stressful.Check email.

Our new principal put the call out to students about who their favorite teacher is this week; I’ve gotten a few nods from students (as an aside in random informal polls, I always run neck-and-neck with one of the gym teachers, who is a lot like me, but sweatier, and a bit cruder, but is an amazing teacher), but the principal shared this email with me.  It is just what I needed to hear today:

My favorite teacher has to be Kelly Love because she is a smart and amazing teacher. She is patient with when you don’t understand the work. She shows you many ways to do something. She is amazing for her work and she gives hard things to do but explains very well.

Gracias, ET – I think you’re pretty amazing, too.

PS Dang. Should have saved the 13 pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-space paper and just have quoted this student.