crowing roosterThis morning while driving to work, there was a story on the local public radio station about the city council determining the number of chickens allowed in city dwellings, but more importantly, whether or not roosters would be allowed.

Now I don’t know that much about yardbirds, but I do know roosters crow. LOUDLY. If I was living in the city, and I heard a rooster crowing at 3:30 AM, (which they have been known to do in our hemisphere), I would be ready for a deep-fried chicken dinner at say, oh, 3:31 AM.

I know folks are just trying to get by, making adjustments, being creative in their ways and means of surviving. Jobs have been lost that may not come back, wages/salaries have been stagnant for some time (meaning, people are making the same amount of money, but the cost of  living has increased), and it’s both considered hip to have urban chickens, gardens, as well as a necessity for survival. (Why is it, when a middle class person does something like this it’s considered cool, while a lower socio-economic person does it, it’s considered, well, not as “edgy?”) The point was made that roosters are no louder than leaf blowers or dogs barking. And that would convince people because….?

Anyway, no roosters, please. The crows are bad enough.

And I heard the question, if it’s a rooster, why is it called “crowing?”

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