Who is she?

Johnsons she_0002

I will read anything, including product packaging. If there isn’t a cereal box around, I’ll read the the coffee package. I’ll drink the coffee while reading the on-line version of the Seattle Times. I wake up and read the clock. I read the shampoo bottle. I read the bath soap bottle.

This bath soap “blurb” got my attention:

“She approached every situation with a quiet sense of calmness. You instantly feel at peace in her presence. She loves this lavendar & chamomile body wash because it does more than indulge her skin with irresistibly soft lather. Its unique formula, with an exclusive blend of soothing essences, helps her unwind and feel pampered as she washes her cares away. Her spirit is beautifully serene. Her skin loves JOHNSON’S(c).”

Did I buy someone else’s soap? Who is “she?”

Why did the folks in the marketing/packaging department at J&J choose to discuss the user of this product in third person? I realize they are trying to entice me, the consumer, to project myself into the role of this mystery woman, that in order to be like her, serene, calm, and soothing, I can only dream of achieving the goals “she” so easily assumes. Will I be the goddess of serenity this soap describes? If I use this product, might I achieve the same level of maternal and feminine charm “she” does?

I’m not worthy.

2 thoughts on “Who is she?

  1. Well whoever SHE is, she tries, all all costs, to avoid contact with her eyes… 🙂

    You might call the number at the bottom and ask who SHE is – it’s says right on the bottle, Questions?


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