Many consider Steve Jobs a master presenter. His signature black turtleneck and jeans, and projection of an easy, creative style stir thousands to listen to what he has to say. And buy what he has to sell.

The end of unit presentations were due today: there is usually a pattern of how students respond. There is a percentage, unfortunately usually small, who is prepared, finished, completed, and projects are turned in before the due date.


However, many are not as on top of the projects, although each assignment was carefully scaffolded, reviewed, and class time given for completion, etc. Many are even unpleasantly suprised and say, with dismay, “What presentation?!” For some, there may be a crisis at home, illness, not a lot of structure, or a sense of being overwhelmed because of all that is due at the end of a semester.

But, mostly I think about myself. And I have found that:

I am not Steve Jobs. Not even close.

My “product” is not as flashy, pingy, boingy, colorful, wow-ee, zam bang boom as an i-Pod, i-Pad, i-Phone: a school day is more of an i-Ignore, i-Forgot, or an i-Invisible.

It’s just stodgy, old learning, discussing, and creating. BOR-Rrrrring!

Well, perhaps not. The presentations I did see completed today were amazingly thought-provoking, deep, and they all really tried to find as many sources of media to answer their “burning questions.”

So, Mr. Jobs, you may lead the masses in entertainment and apps. But I’m changing the world too, and so are my students. Can you make an app for that?

Postscript: And let’s not forget the lost files, lost e-mails, lost uploads, and lost saves.




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  1. That’s what I’m missing . . . a turtleneck and jeans.:) I agree that teachers make a big impact on their students. Watching those who get it and thrive makes my day.


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